Parents & Community

Diamond Lake District 76

Parents & Community

For Parents...

At Diamond Lake School District 76, we strive to make the educational journey as easy as we can
for parents to navigate by providing useful information and resources. 

Strategic Plan
View our District 76 Strategic Plan including vision, goals, and our portrait of a graduate.

Back to School Presentations
View grade level presentations from the 2020 Meet and Greet event.

Access pre-registration, registration, and registration forms for Diamond Lake School District 76 schools.

Community Liaison
View resources for our parents and community.

Return to School Roadmap
Up to date information about D76 plans for the 2020-21 school year.

Access information to D76 resources and apps for district and school communications.

Parent Teacher Organization information, resources, events, fundraisers, and how to connect.

Opportunity for all bilingual program parents to participate in monthly meetings and events.

Learn about local resources, high schools, libraries, and park districts.

View all District 76 school and district newsletter updates all in on area.

Health Services
Visit our Health Office webpage for district-wide health information.

Student Parent Handbook
School year handbook for Diamond Lake, West Oak Intermediate and West Oak Middle School.

Information and resources pertaining to District 76 transportation.

Access our online system for online payments such as registration, sports, clubs, and meals.

Food Services
Breakfast and lunch menu information.

Access the parent and student portals for PowerSchool.

Parent Technology Center
Family technology resources and access to live events.

Safe2SpeakUP is a way to help ensure that bullying is reported and addressed in a timely manner.

Emergency Closing Info
Learn about D76 emergency closing procedures.

Facility Improvements
View Diamond Lake District 76 facilities planning, projects, referendum information, timeline, gallery, and much more.

AfterSchool Club
Learn more about our afterschool programs from Innovation Learning.

View text-based website