Learner Qualities

West Oak Middle School

Learner Qualities

Learner Qualities

Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach our students the skills necessary for appropriate interpersonal behaviors. Our goal is to provide a positive school environment, which will enhance the learning process and allow our children the opportunity to excel in their academic careers and personal development.

Learner Qualities

The Spirit Qualities of Self-Directed Learner and Respectful Citizen are life skills and behaviors, which enhance a student's ability to learn. By emphasizing these qualities, we are helping students take responsibility for their learning by setting goals and improving performance. Students will be preparing for a successful future by learning these behaviors now.

Self-Directed Learner...

  • sets, achieves and re-evaluates goals
  • is consistently prepared
  • works collaboratively with others to achieve goals
  • is cooperative in sharing time and talents in the classroom and school
  • acts responsibly by meeting the requirements of assigned tasks
  • perseveres through difficult and challenging tasks
  • organizes time, tasks, and materials
  • invests time and effort in producing neat, organized and high quality work

Respectful Citizen...

  • demonstrates respect for self and others
  • respects school property and the property of others
  • is honest and fair
  • maintains positive relationships with peers, staff, family, and community
  • resolves conflict peacefully
  • contributes to a safe and positive school environment
  • demonstrates responsibility toward the school, community, and country


The following is an example of the Spirit Quality grading scale:

A grade of a 4 means that a student consistently (at least 91% of the time) meets the standard established for the Spirit Qualities.

A grade of a 3 means that a student often (between 82 - 90% of the time) meets the standard.

A grade of a 2 means that a student is beginning (between 73 - 81% of the time) to meet the standard.

A grade of a1 means that a student needs help (below 72% of the time) to meet the standard.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll status is determined by Academic and Spirit Quality performance each trimester. The qualifications for honor roll are as follows:

Honor Roll Qualifications
A All grades of "A" and
all SQ marks of 4
A/B All grades of "A" or "B" and
all SQ marks of 3 or 4
B All grades average to a "B" and
all SQ marks average to a 3
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