Visitor Information

Diamond Lake District 76

Visitor Information

Visitor Information

Diamond Lake School District welcomes and encourages visits to school facilities by parents/guardians, adult residents, and interested stakeholders. To assure that the greatest benefit can be derived from such visits and to ensure order in the schools and the safety of students and staff, the following guidelines shall govern school visitations:
  1. All visitors must enter and exit each District school facility through the identified main entrance and must report directly to the school office.

  2. Those wishing to visit a school shall make arrangements in advance with the school office by stating reason, date, and time of the proposed visit. In all cases where permission is not obtained in advance, permission must be obtained promptly upon entering the school. No visitor may remain at a school facility without the permission of the Administrator.

  3. Upon arrival at the school, visitors must present identification and sign the Visitor’s Register in the school office where the visitor will be given instructions as well as a Visitor’s Pass or Identification Badge. If necessary, a given visitor may be provided with an escort.

  4. When prompted by school personnel, all visitors will be required to present his/her issued Visitor’s Pass or Identification Badge.

  5. Upon completion of the visit, the visitor shall return to the office to return materials and enter the departure time in the Visitor’s Register.

  6. Administrators shall have the right to adapt or set aside the above procedures for special events or activities.

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