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  Kurt Preble  Kurt Preble
Diamond Lake School Principal
Principal's Perspective
Principal’s Perspective for September 2018
Posted 9/21/2018 at 11:37:15 AM by Eric Hansen [staff member]

Now that school has been in session for over a month, students have long established routines, and are into the meat of the curriculum, social opportunities, and after school activities.  With all that is going on in your child’s day, do you ever find it amazing that you receive a one word answer to your daily question of “How was your day?” Often times, and I fall into this routine with my own 8th and 5th grade daughters, that asking “How was your day?” becomes so automatic, and even robotic, that it warrants an equally automatic or robotic reply as “good, fine, ok, bad, meh” etc.  

Of course, this isn’t limited to my own children.  When walking the hallways, visiting classrooms, or when students visit my office, I often fall into the same routine of only asking how their day is going.  This closed question doesn’t help foster a conversation, and it certainly doesn’t help build those important relationships.  

So what can we do about it?  I have been reading a few different articles on this and found some different ways to ask the exact same question, but in a more interesting and detail mining way.  When asking your kiddo how there day was, try these instead:

What’s the coolest thing that happened today?

What made you laugh today?

What was the most creative thing you did?

How were you kind or helpful today?

Was anyone kind or helpful to you?

If you were the teacher, how would you describe the day?

Principal's Perspective for August 2018
Posted 8/16/2018 at 7:54:25 AM by Kurt Preble [staff member]

Dear Families of Diamond Lake School,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!!  I hope that your summer was filled with fun times with family and friends, and that great memories were created.  I would like to extend a very special welcome to all of our new families. This is an exciting time to be joining District 76.  For our returning families, I hope that you enjoy seeing the results of the work that our construction and our Facilities crews have put in.

The renovations to the big gym, student washrooms, roof, and boiler rooms were not the only additions to Diamond Lake this year.  Both Mrs. Berman and Mrs. Kuznetsov added new members to the Diamond Lake family. They will both be off on maternity leave to begin the year.  We have added some additional new staff as well. Please welcome all of our new members to Diamond Lake:

Jennifer Alfaro, 2nd Grade Dual Language

Nereida Arteaga, Administrative Associate

Jennifer Brunson, School Nurse

Sheryl Daniels, Long Term Substitute EL Intervention

Deborah Kowitt, Long Term Substitute SPED Resource

Suzy Park, Long Term Substitute Reading Intervention

The 2018-2019 school year will be an exciting one filled with building community and academic excellence.  I wish all of you to have the best school year yet. Welcome back!!


Kurt Preble, Principal

Diamond Lake School

Estimadas familias de la Escuela Diamond Lake,

Bienvenidos a el año escolar 2018-2019! Espero y su verano haya sido lleno de diversión y hayas creado gran memorias con sus familias y amigos. Quisiera extender una bienvenida muy especial a todas nuestras nuevas familias. Este es un gran momento para unirse a nuestro districto 76. Para nuestras familias que regresan, espero que disfrute ver los resultados del trabajo que nuestros equipos de construcción han realizado. 

Las renovaciones al gimnasio grande, baño de los estudiantes, techo y al cuarto de calderas no fueron las únicas adiciones que pasaron en Diamond Lake este año. La Señora Berman y La Señora Kuznetsov también han añadido nuevos miembros a la Familia Diamond Lake.  Ambas estarán en ausencia de maternidad al comenzar el año escolar. También hemos agregado personal nuevo. Démosle la bienvenida a todos nuestros nuevos miembros de Diamond lake:

Jennifer Alfaro, Maestra de 2do grado language duo

Nereida Arteaga, Asociado Administrativo

Jennifer Brunson, Enfermera

Sheryl Daniels, Sustituto a largo plazo de Intervención EL

Deborah Kowitt, Sustituto a largo plazo de SPED Resource

Suzy Park, Sustituto a largo plazo intervención de Lectura 

El año escolar 2018-2019 va a ser un año emocionante y lleno de excelencia académica. Deseo que este sea el mejor año escolar hasta ahora. Bienvenidos! 


Kurt Preble, Director

Escuela Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake School
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