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Diamond Lake District 76


Distance Learning FAQs

Does the school take attendance during Distance Learning Days?
Yes, daily student attendance will be taken by each student for the purpose of D76 data collection and accountability, please click here. The attendance link will be available in the Student bookmark folder on their Chromebook as well as on top of each DLO document. 
Will my student be able to interact with classmates and/or teacher? 
Staff members will interact with students each day of DLO; specific schedules will be shared by your teacher(s).   
What does student instruction look like during distance learning days? 
Teachers will provide a variety of age-appropriate instructional strategies each day of DLO. The continuation of learning and student growth is expected.  Games will be reserved for practice and/or enrichment not as the primary instructional tool. Specific schedules will be shared by your teacher(s).  
What additional enrichment or extension activities are available for my student? 
Teachers have compiled  “extra” activities for students to work on when they have completed their DLO and are looking for additional learning opportunities. Please visit the DLO webpage on our website where you will find Learning Resources and the Diamond Collection.
How can I contact my student's teachers?
Teachers will be posting and sharing daily times that they will be available for both parents/students to answer and/or respond to questions related to DLO. Additionally, all teacher emails are listed on the DLO and district website for your convenience.
How will my student be graded? 
Due to the mandated school closure, 3rd trimester did not “officially” start and grades were not recorded.  1st and 2nd trimester grades will be maintained and no harm may be incurred to a student's grade per the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) recommendations. Students will have the opportunity to show growth and progress on learning tasks and assignments through the DLO.  Staff will provide feedback on learning tasks and assignments, yet no student will be penalized nor decline from their current grade(s) in each subject area.
Should my student be engaged in learning every day? 
Now more than ever, students need to be engaged in academic activity every day.  With traditional schooling unavailable due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, students may experience an academic regression.  In order to prevent academic regression it is important that students engage in both math and literacy activities everyday.  Even the smallest amount of practice will support a student's grade level proficiency when we return to school.  
How are special education services being delivered 
Families of students with IEPs have been directly contacted to review the needs of their child. DLO have been created for each student with an IEP, with input from parents, based on the goals and objectives of their current IEP. The DLO is part of the student record. 
How do I report an technology issue with my child's device?
If you have technical questions or need assistance with your child’s device, please email [email protected] or call 847-388-2500.
What are the recommended guidelines for video conferencing? 
Staff and students should follow these explicit video conferencing guidelines for virtual meetings, instruction, and/conferencing.
Should Will Summer School be offered to assist with academic regression? 
The 2020 Summer School Program will be designed to reduce academic regression by focusing on the 3rd Trimester Learning Standards and Targets which were not able to be taught due to the mandated school closures.   
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